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Web Help is a help format specially developed to allow creation of an on-line version of your help documentation. No matter what help format (WinHelp/HTML Help) you are using for your application's help file, your users will definitely find it convenient to have a tutorial available on the program's Web site as well. This is particularly true if the on-line version of the documentation is updated more frequently than the program itself. A user's manual in the Web Help format should have easy navigation and a good appearance, just as does the regular help file, which is included in your distribution package.

Web Help Sample With Help Development Studio, you can easily prepare your help project for publication on the web. For this purpose, we have developed a powerful and freely distributed plug-in, entitled On-line Manual. Practically, all you need for creating Web Help is to download and install the On-line Manual package. After the plug-in is installed, you will be able to export your .HDS help project into Web Help (.HTML) format.

Help Development Studio allows you to tailor the appearance of the on-line manual to the design of your Web site. Alternatively, you can just choose one of the built-in design schemes. The Web Help file-set created by Help Development Studio includes the Table of Contents and Index, which are automatically exported from the original help project. To publish the on-line manual, just upload all the generated files to a defined folder on your Web server and make a reference to it from the program's home page.

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