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Our products are available on CD-ROMs as well as in a downloadable form. If you want to register your copy of our software and receive it on CD, just go to the order page and select the appropriate option when filling in the registration form.

The CD comes with an interactive shell that lets you easily find the necessary software, as well as providing you with other relevant information.

The current issue of the Divcom Software CD-ROM includes:

- Active Tray 2.2
- Help Development Studio 1.92
- Hotspot Builder 1.3

Plug-ins for Help Development Studio:
- On-line Manual 1.32
- Help Topics 1.0
- Plug-ins SDK 1.0

Help compilers:
- Microsoft Help Workshop
- Microsoft HTML Help Workshop

The cost for the CD-ROM is $9.95. If you wish to order the Divcom Software CD-ROM without registering your copy of our software, please click here.

After your order is processed, the CD-ROM will be sent to you via Air Mail within two business days. The average delivery time of the CD is 3-5 days for North America, 4-7 days for Europe, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Mexico. The delivery to Russia, India, Israel, and Arab and African countries often takes up to 2 weeks.

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