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Introduction to Help Authoring

  • WinHelp
    WinHelp, a standard format for creating help files in Windows, is one of the formats available when developing documentation with Help Development Studio. A new help format from Microsoft, known as HTML Help, is steadily ( ... )

  • HTML Help
    HTML Help is a new help format that was first introduced with Windows 98. It has become an alternative to WinHelp, which was previously the only standard format available for help files in Windows-based applications. Nowadays, many ( ... )

  • Web Help
    Web Help is a help format specially developed to allow creation of an on-line version of your help documentation. No matter what help format (WinHelp/HTML Help) you are using for your application's help file, your users will ( ... )

  • Help Compilers
    To create WinHelp (.HLP) and HTML Help (.CHM) files with Help Development Studio, you need to install and link the appropriate help compilers from Microsoft. These compilers are freely available with the Help Workshop ( ... )

  • Help Formats
    Help Development Studio is a multi-format help authoring tool. This means that you can easily produce documentation in different help formats from a single source help project. Help Development Studio has a very important ( ... )

  • Graphics in Help Files
    Using screenshots in help files makes your program much easier to learn and more comprehensible. But simple screenshots, which just demonstrate your program working, are not enough. The screenshots should include ( ... )

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