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Our products:
HelpSmith 8.0 (.EXE file, 40 MB)
Help Development Studio 1.92 (.ZIP file, 1.4 MB)
Hotspot Builder 1.3 (.ZIP file, 900 KB)
Active Tray 2.2 (.EXE file, 1.30 MB)

Plug-ins for Help Development Studio:
On-line Manual 1.32 (.ZIP file, 393 KB)
Help Topics 1.0 (.ZIP file, 143 KB)
Plug-ins SDK 1.0 (.ZIP file, 72 KB)

Help compilers:
Help Workshop (.EXE file, 1.6 MB)
HTML Help Workshop (.EXE file, 4 MB)

How to Install?
If you have downloaded a compressed archive file, you should first unpack it to a temporary folder. Then run the SETUP.EXE file and follow the setup instructions. After successful installation, run the program from the new program group.

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